Estelle Amy de la Bretèque

Estelle Amy de la BretèquueI'm an anthropologist and a musician. I conducted field research in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Indonesia. I play (and occasionally teach) Eastern Mediterranean musics and Javanese gamelan.

In recent years I worked on the anthropology of the voice. I conducted research on melodized speech and narratives of sorrow among the Yezidis of Armenia (I wrote a book on that and several articles). Previously I conducted research on the Molokans of Transcaucasia, on mourning ceremonies in Baku (Azerbaijan) and on the laments of displaced Kurdish women in the suburbs of Istanbul and Diyarbakir (Turkey). I published various articles on these topics.

My current research deals with the recent and ongoing changes in Êzidi religious practices, especially among the diaspora in Eastern and Western Europe (I recently wrote a book based on a research among Êzidi refugees in Southern France).

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Glorious Fousta

We usually play this tune acoustic, with bouzouki, frame drum and voice.

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