Glorious Fousta

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We usually play this tune acoustic, with bouzouki, frame drum and voice. It comes from an album recorded in the 80's by Sofia Kollitiri and Makis Xristodolopoulos. Here's an "electric" version inspired by the joyfully citric sounds of electro-saz and similar genres in the Balkans. Electro-saz & co. are performed primarily live, in dancing settings. They support a lot of motivic improvisation, on both the voice and the lute. Here the tracks are recorded and mixed in Ardour DAW.

The rhythm is 3+2+2 in 7/8 meter. Fusta/φούστα means "skirt" in both Greek and Romanian. The lyrics (in Greek) praise the effects of "Your skirt, Heleni", which sets the neighborhood on fire while you wave your body ...

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