Sontse Pa Outram voeux 2015

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Our greetings card for 2015. Sang by Victor, Arthur and myself, featuring Pole the Monkey (tchik-tchik), Sophie the Giraffe (pouët-pouët) and Micha the Polar Bear (clong-clong).

The song is a cover of a famous tune by the Russian Band Цветы (Flowers). Цветы was considered "underground" in soviet times. Some of its recordings were even prohibited in the 1980’s. Not that this particular tune has anything subversive about it. It’s more on the boyscout side of the band’s repertoire (a side which most "underground" groups in communist regimes also have — at least the ones which managed to survive).

If you search for the first verse on Youtube you’ll probably find a recent performance of the song by the band, who grew old (and quite bland) in the meantime. But you can also hear other lovely renditions of it, such as this one, by the red army choir.

Мы желаем счастья вам - We wish you happiness

Счастья в этом мире большом - A lot of happiness in this big world

Как солнце по утрам - Like the morning sun

Пусть оно заходит в дом - May it enter your house

Мы желаем счастья вам - We wish you happiness

И оно должно быть таким - May it be so

Когда ты счастлив сам - When you are happy

Счастьем поделись с другим - You share it with others

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