Yezidi diaspora


Yezidi diaspora in Europe


Most of the Yezidis in the world live in the Middle East, however several migrations have brought a significant percent of the Yezidis in Europe. My project aims at documenting and understanding the reconfigurations of Yezidi culture and identity in diaspora. Indeed the religious practices and the marriage networks are very different in the Middle-East and the Caucasus. Some Yezidis in diaspora try to merge these diverging understandings into a coherent body of knowledge and practice. Most of the Yezidis also face the new task of explaining to government institutions, colleagues, friends, what Yezidism is about. These reconfigurations are surrounded by debates which stand at the core of this project.

My main fieldwork is currently in Drôme (France). It is supported by the Cpa-Ethnopôle of Valence. I'm also a participant observer as a member of the NGO Voice of Ezidis (Paris).