Sound intimacies and agencies

Les coeurs brûlants

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Ecole française d'Athènes
Sounds, memories and powers in the Balkans. Sensory approaches and research-creation

How do the Balkans sound? How soundscapes relate to memories? How sounds exert power?

Memories and powers are not only a matter of social representations and cultural discourses. They entail and produce sensorialities, perceptions, environments, ambiances. They are embodied and experienced. Beyond their ephemeral appearance, sounds constitute a major feature here. They imply forms of perception, acts of judgement, ecological milieus, political stakes. Moreover, sounds are both a mode of knowledge and creation.

Taking the Balkans as a lab, this seminar-workshop explores the potentialities of sound issues for renewing the approaches of memory and power, by:
- Gathering scholars and artists
- Combining research and creation
- Imagining future networks and projects.

It progresses through five sessions:
- Sonic regimes and ideologies
- Soundscapes of/as memory
- Sound intimacies and agencies
- Inquiring and writing with sounds
- Sonic creations, sonic performances.

Every session is composed of an input talk and short presentations, including collective listening and discussions. Each talk is accompanied by a sound track, forming a playlist
with plural, heterogeneous and sometimes intriguing sound pieces, as a kind of aural pre-seminar dealing with research and creation. Everybody is invited to address not only a topic, but processes, methodologies, ways-of-doing, frames of research and creation, intentions, questions, proposals…

Not open to the public, this seminar-workshop is moreover a collective experience of brainmixing.

Research project
Yezidi laments
On vocality and the narration of loss amongst the Yezidis in Armenia, 2006 - 2014