Exile songs in Greece


I am conducting research on the role of exile songs in the Eastern Mediterranean as a means to create and mould feelings of belonging, and otherness. Although research in anthropology and ethnomusicology on local cultures of exile testify of the importance of cultural artefacts linked to exile, nothing has been conducted on a larger regional scale that includes the Eastern Mediterranean in a transnational perspective. This gap is particularly significant today as the local cultures of exile from the Eastern Mediterranean meet each other, in Greece, entry point to Europe for people migrating from the Middle-East. I am trying to fill this gap by investigating the role of musics of exile in today's Greece. It will critically examine : (1) how traditional songs of exile are transformed and adapted to encampment situations and how exile songs from different regional origins co-exist and interact in camps and beyond, (2) how exile songs keep alive the memory of migration amongst the Greek population (3) how the shared traditional culture of exile moulds the relationships between Greek citizens and migrants from the Middle-East.